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Just Released: Booking Requests That Beat Every Connection Hurdle

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Shared by Prashant • December 21, 2023

ClassCover has released significant improvements to ClassCover's booking request notifications and process. We understand the challenges of varying mobile phone connectivity and service, which can change depending on location, service provider, network congestion, device settings, and even weather conditions.

It’s crucial that you receive booking requests promptly to respond in time, which is why we’re making improvements to our booking request notification process. Here's what's new::

Faster, More Responsive Push Notifications: We've upgraded our booking request push notifications to ensure they reach you faster and more reliably.

Introducing Priority Alert Trigger Process: We've implemented a fail-safe notification system to make sure you never miss a booking request, regardless of your phone service.

  1. Initially, the booking request is sent as a push notification.
  2. If the push notification fails, it's immediately sent as an SMS.
  3. If the SMS fails, it's then sent as an email, allowing you to accept or decline directly within the email.

This process will occur instantly after each step, ensuring the booking is delivered to you via one of these methods.

Tip: Make sure you are using an email address that you check regularly

iOS Push Notification Sound Update: We've reverted the iOS push notification alert sound back to the tri-tone. This change comes after Apple's recent update to a quieter default sound, ensuring you hear your notifications loud and clear.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to make your experience with ClassCover as smooth and efficient as possible.