The latest features and product improvements in Fillout

Mailchimp, instant transitions, edit responses & 8 more

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Shared by Dominic • August 15, 2023

This update was made on August 03, 2023.

We've got a bunch of powerful Fillout updates to brighten up the middle of your week.

Starting with a brand new integration 👇

🐒 Mailchimp integration

We're excited to share our powerful, native integration with Mailchimp, the leading email marketing platform.

Add and update email contacts, set audience fields and even conditionally add tags with the full flexibility of Fillout.

See what's possible here or try it on your account!

⚡️ Instant page transitions

Multi-page forms just got faster. There's now zero wait time between form page transitions.

This was a big behind-the-scenes change. We're excited to hear how it improves your conversion rates!

📝 Edit existing submissions

Need to resubmit an existing response?

Open a submission in Fillout and click "Edit submission" to open a pre-filled update form. Re-submitting the form will also rerun any integrations.

👨‍👨‍👧 Pass information to child forms

You can now pass information from parent to child forms. Check out a demo video here, from no-code expert Dan Leeman.

📪 Send emails to multiple addresses

Your can now send custom respondent emails to multiple email addresses.

✨ In case you missed it

Last week, we launched our AI form importer. It's the easiest way to get started with Fillout. Just upload a PDF form or copy/paste a set of questions and ChatGPT will generate a fully working form.

🐛 Fixes and improvements

  • Drag and reorder your pages even when you have page logic.
  • The address field now validates US zip codes.
  • Respondents can optionally download files displayed in the PDF viewer.
  • Added the option to set date filters when viewing drop-off analytics.
  • Added support for default values for the address field.
  • Added the required validation option for the slider, switch, location coordinates and color picker fields.