The latest features and product improvements in Fillout

New in Fillout ✨ Mid September updates

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Shared by Dominic • September 23, 2023

For the last two weeks, we've put a spotlight on the small details, the fit-and-finish.

Though it's often more fun to work on shiny new features, sometimes it's more impactful to improve existing capabilities. We hope these 13 updates make Fillout just a bit nicer to work with!

🔎 Easily find results with search and filters

The Fillout results page got a major upgrade.

You can now search, filter by date and filter by specific answers to find the responses you need.

☑️ Min and max choice validation

Require a respondent to choose at least or at most a set number of options. Applies to fields like checkboxes and multi-select dropdowns.

🔎 Picture choice multi-select

Make your forms more engaging with the picture choice field, which now supports choosing multiple options.

🖨️ Print a summary report

Need a shareable overview of your form's submissions? You can now print the summary page in one click.

📫 Dynamic reply-to emails

Respondent emails now have a dynamic 'Reply-To' setting. Tip: Use the user's email as the reply-to for easy direct replies from notifications.

👨‍💻 HTML and CSS block (Enterprise)

Use the new HTML field to display testimonials, banners or any static HTML and CSS. Available on the Enterprise plan.

🐛 Fixes and improvements

  • Added support for the SmartSuite address field.
  • Improved linked record support for Monday.
  • Improved how linked record pickers appear inside form embeds.
  • Popup & slider embeds allow custom button sizes and automatically adjust button text color.
  • Logos are now shared across form themes.
  • Added support for files over 1 GB on the Enterprise plan.
  • Improved PDF Viewer with auto-zoom based on the PDF size.