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Launch Week Day 1 ✨ Powerful email workflows

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Shared by Dominic • October 16, 2023

Today is day 1 of Fillout’s first ever Launch Week. Each day this week, we’re announcing a major new set of capabilities in Fillout.

Today's theme is powerful email workflows. With these new features, you can automate sending personalized emails directly from your forms - and a whole lot more.

📫 Send a response summary and edit link

Automatically send respondents a formatted summary of their response upon form submission, even on the free plan.

Optionally include an edit link to let your users update their response later on from their email inbox.

🎨 Respondent emails include logo and theme

Respondent notification emails automatically respect your form's theme and, on premium plans, include your organization's logo.

✨ New integrations: SendGrid, Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign

We've added 3 native integrations with the most popular email tools.

Use SendGrid to send fully customized emails upon form submission.

Or, create and update contacts in Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign and add custom tags based on the form submission.

📩 Send multiple custom emails, conditionally

The Fillout Pro+ plans now support adding multiple custom respondent emails per form.

You can send emails conditionally, e.g. only when someone chooses a particular option. Learn more here.

📦 New "Send response" field

Add this new field type to a form ending page to give users the option to save a copy of their submission.

Optionally include an edit button in the email let users edit their response later on.

That's all for today! Stay tuned for the next Launch Week update tomorrow on LinkedIn or Twitter.