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Fillout Launch Week Day 4 ✨ Import your Google Forms

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Shared by Dominic • October 19, 2023

Welcome to Day 4 of Fillout Launch Week.

Today's launch is a bit different. Instead of adding new features, we wanted to make it easier to get started with Fillout in the first place.

Introducing the Google Form Importer:

You've almost certainly heard of Google Forms - it's the most popular form builder with over 1 billion users. Our new tool makes it quick and easy to import an existing Google Form into Fillout.

👉 Getting started

First, connect your Google Forms account and choose the form you want to import.

That's it! If you don't have a Fillout account, you don't even need to sign up to see the end result.

We also made specific pages for features that Fillout supports that Google Forms does not, like adding a signature field, protecting your form with CAPTCHA, accepting payments and 17 others.

Let us know what you think if you try it out and stay tuned for our final Launch Week update tomorrow on LinkedIn or Twitter.