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Launch Week Day 1 ✨ Login 2.0

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Shared by Dominic • February 12, 2024

Today is day 1 of Fillout’s Launch Week. Each day this week, we’re announcing a major new set of capabilities in Fillout.

Today's theme is Login 2.0. Adding the upgraded login page to your form is more than just a way to verify email addresses. It also streamlines a lot of data intake workflows - more details below!

💻 Resume submissions across devices

Adding a login page to your form automatically lets respondents continue form submissions across devices, like a phone and laptop.

🚫 Limit users to 1 response per email

Optionally restrict respondents to 1 form submission per email address. A custom screen is shown to users who already completed your form.

📧 Verify email addresses and "remembered" login

The login page now lets you verify email addresses, without connecting to a 3rd party integration.

If your respondents submit multiple Fillout forms, they'll only need to verify their email on their first submission.

📝 Let users edit past submissions

Enable editing past submissions to let your users see and update any of their prior responses, even across devices.

🔐 Single Sign-On (Enterprise)

Add Microsoft, OneLogin, Google Workspaces, Okta and other types of SSO login to your form. Optionally pre-fill fields with custom SSO attributes. Learn more here.

✅ Limit submissions to specific domains

For internal-facing forms, limit submissions to only your company domain.

That's all for today! Stay tuned for the next Launch Week update tomorrow on LinkedIn or Twitter.