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Launch Week Day 3 ✨ Free REST API, 3rd party apps & integration tools

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Shared by Dominic • February 14, 2024

Welcome to Day 3 of Fillout Launch Week.

Today we released major upgrades to Fillout's developer features and tools to manage 3rd party integrations.

🤖 REST API is now free

The Fillout REST API lets you access your form responses programmatically, without using the Fillout site.

It's now available on all plans, including the free tier.

🙋‍♂️ View integration usage

On the Fillout integrations page, click "View usage" to see which of your forms are connected to each 3rd party service.

✅ API improvements

Return responses before/after a certain date, fetch in progress submissions, sort responses and even obtain an edit link for any form submission.

We've also improved the response format to make it easier to work with.

🔒 Restrict integrations by workspace (Enterprise)

Limit who in your organization can access each of your 3rd party accounts. Set permission boundaries across teams or different clients.

🔄 Build 3rd party apps (OAuth)

Create apps that integrate with Fillout accounts.

Third party apps let you or your users access Fillout responses via API. Once someone grants access to your application, you'll have API access to fetch forms, responses and even create webhooks. Learn more here.

⚡️ Our first OAuth integration: Relay

Relay is our new favorite tool for human-in-the-loop and AI-assisted automations.

They recently released a Fillout integration with our new 3rd party app framework.

Let us know which apps you want to see integrations with next!