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Launch Week Day 4 ✨ Voice input & transcribe with AI

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Shared by Dominic • February 15, 2024

Welcome to Day 4 of Fillout Launch Week.

Today we're introducing a new way to collect input in Fillout: voice. Voice is a convenient way to collect responses for long-answer inputs or data collection in the field.

Plus, with recent advances in AI, you get accurate transcriptions almost instantly, powered by OpenAI and Azure.

🎙️ Voice recording field

To get started, add a voice recording field to your form.

Your users will be prompted to record a message, along with the option to pause, resume, finish and restart their recording.

The voice recording field is available on all plans, including the free tier.

📝 Transcribe with AI (Business)

Enable transcription to automatically generate a transcript of every recording.

Provide a custom prompt to tailor the transcription style to your needs.

Transcriptions are powered by OpenAI's Whisper, hosted in the US or EU (Azure) depending on your plan.

✅ Send recordings and transcripts to 3rd party integrations

Send the raw audio file and/or transcription to your 3rd party services. For example, upload recordings to Dropbox, Airtable or even use them in Zapier/Make/Relay automations.