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New in Fillout ✨ Collecting meetings, custom avatar, PDF formatting & 13 updates

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Shared by Dominic • May 23, 2024

Over the past few weeks, our team at Fillout has been laser focused on improving Fillout Scheduling. We’re thrilled with the warm reception since the launch and thankful for all your feedback.

Here’s a look at the results, from new scheduling features to improvements to forms & PDFs, and everything in between.

📆 Collective meetings & guest emails

Fillout Scheduling now supports meetings with multiple hosts.

For example, create a scheduling form to meet with multiple members of your team. Fillout will make sure everyone is available.

Plus, let invitees add other team members while booking.

🧑🏽 Set a custom avatar or logo

Set a custom image for your scheduling form. Or, under your Fillout account settings, update the profile picture used on all your meeting links.

📋 PDF generation font, alignment and text color

PDF generation in Fillout now supports text formatting.

Plus, generate documents in most written, non-Latin languages.

📂 S3 integration (Enterprise)

Sync file uploads to an Amazon S3 bucket with Fillout's new integration.

🏠 Control granular permissions from the members page

Configure access for all Fillout workspaces from the admin settings page.

💼 Salesforce "update" forms and sandbox environment

Create a form that updates existing Salesforce records. Optionally connect to a sandbox environment before going live.

📊 Summary view for "Ranking" field type

The "Ranking" field type now has a custom summary overview to help you better understand your survey results.

🐛 Fixes and improvements

  • Many improvements to Fillout Scheduling, from making it easier to connect your calendar to how availability is computed across timezones.
  • Customize the button text that books a meeting.
  • Added a setting to display file upload limits to users, in the form.
  • Newly created webhook integrations use a cleaner format, consistent with the Fillout API.
  • Made it easier to download files from the results page.
  • Cmd-click to open a form in a new tab, from the home page.
  • Made it easier to delete form fields that haven't been modified.
  • Added an option to log out all logged in sessions for your account.
  • Added a default value setting on the date range field.