The latest features and product improvements in Fillout

New in Fillout ⚡️ Undo/redo, instant publish & a silky smooth editor

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Shared by Dominic • July 04, 2024

Our team recently traveled to San Francisco for a week-long hackathon.

We had one goal: make the Fillout editor "silky smooth".

Here’s the result!

↪️ Undo + redo (cmd + Z)

Press cmd + z to undo a change in the form editor, like restoring a field or page.

🚀 Instant publish button

The publish button instantly lights up when you make a change to your form. No delays.

🔀 Easier answer piping and logic

We completely redesigned Fillout’s “reference picker”, making it easier to reference fields.

👀 Improved accessibility and “esc” to close

Popups in the Fillout editor are more consistent and close with “esc”.

📄 Improved page navigation bar

It’s easier to rename, reorder and add new pages to your form.

🐛Fixes and improvements

  • Zapier support for payments + scheduling.
  • Support for "update" forms with integration.
  • Workspaces load faster on home page.
  • "Esc" to exit preview mode and close popups.