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New: Share demo templates with user groups

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Shared by Yael • July 06, 2023

Hi Friend,

Our goal is to help you spread the word with your product demos.

So say “goodbye” to sending each demo template individually. From now on, you can easily organize your team into groups to manage permissions, and share content with all of them at once.

Some ideas of what you can do with user groups:

  • Get the relevant content in reps’ hands
  • Collect more feedback - faster

How to set user groups:

  • First create user groups - Go to the Company Settings tab to set your user groups. Note: Only Admins can create and manage groups.
  • Segment your team groups - You can define groups however you want: by teams, permissions, product lines, regions, or any other idea you have in mind.
  • Add anyone to the relevant groups - You can add people to more than one group.
  • Share templates with groups - Share templates with your team in bulk, with different file-level permissions.

P.S - Very soon, you’ll be able to share folders with the user groups too.

To learn more, check out this Walnut demo and article.