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Bytespree v3.1 Coming Next Week!

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Shared by Matt • March 24, 2023

Hi there,

On Sunday, March 26, 2023, we'll begin shipping a brand-new release of Bytespree. You don't have to do anything; we'll handle the update for you. Only a few teams will be updated this weekend; however, we will be rolling out updates to the remaining teams throughout the week. You will be notified when your team has been updated. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Curious about what's changing? We've got lots of new features to share with you!

Data Lake

  • We now drop and recreate dependent views automatically when a view is updated in Data Lake
  • When adding or changing a server, IP addresses are added by adding “IP Groups”. With IP Groups, in addition to adding the IP addresses and netmasks allowed to access your server, you may also enter notes to help you keep track of why the group was added.
  • The feature to download CA certificates for your server has been restored.
  • When updating a view, the original SQL entered by the user is now displayed instead of the SQL generated by PostgreSQL
  • The connector version is now tied to the database. When a connector is updated for your team, existing databases created for that connector will continue to use the previous version, and only new connector databases will use the latest version. Any existing database can be updated to the latest connector by opening “Manage Database Settings” and going to the advanced tab.


  • Table unions are now supported in Studio. Unions allow you to append results from one table or view to the results of another table or view. You can append as many tables as you'd like, and Studio will respect the overall sorting of the combined results.
  • SQL users can now be created for studio projects and will have access to read existing SQL objects in the project’s schema and to create new objects as well. Please note: views created via this SQL user may be viewed in Data Explorer, but the “Edit View” button will not be present and the view must be maintained using the SQL.


  • You can now sign-up for a new Bytespree account using single-sign-on credentials.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements have been applied to all products

Is there a feature you’d like to see? Think you have found a bug? Use the chat in Bytespree to submit your feature requests or bug reports. Our team is working hard to make Bytespree better, and we’d love to have your feedback!