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Bytespree v3.4 Is Coming This Weekend!

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Shared by Matt • September 27, 2023

Hi there,

On Sunday, October 31, 2023, we'll be shipping a brand-new release of Bytespree. You don't have to do anything; we'll handle the update for you.

Curious about what's changing? We've got a bunch of new features to share!

Data Lake

  • You can now drop and rename Foreign Schemas from the Database Manager.
  • You can now manually refresh a Foreign Schema from the Database Manager. This will automatically import any new tables or views that have been added to the public schema of the Foreign Database.
  • Foreign Databases created in the Database Manager can now be, optionally, made available to Studio Projects
  • When attempting to schedule a sync, if it intersects with the server's maintenance window, you will now be shown an error message and will need to choose a new schedule.
  • Servers undergoing maintenance will now be disabled when creating a new database.
  • Detailed information for views, including columns and dependent views, is now available via the Database Manager.
  • Databases in the Data Lake can now be filtered by connector. You can also filter by database name using the provided text box.
  • A column containing an insert timestamp can now be added when importing tables via the Database Manager.


  • Studio projects can now be filtered by Connector.
  • Any active sort expression will now be shown when opening the Custom Sort dialog and clearing the expression will remove the sort expression from the query
  • MSSQL publishers that overwrite a table now publish to a temporary table and only replace the existing table if publishing succeeds.
  • The commit history is now retained when renaming a view.


  • Permissions are now restored on views when they are rebuilt during a sync.
  • The maintenance window of your server can now be seen and modified from the Servers tab of Bytespree Admin
  • A permission has been added that gives admins control over the roles that request access to databases.

Is there a feature you’d like to see? Think you have found a bug? Use the chat in Bytespree to submit your feature requests or bug reports. Our team is working hard to make Bytespree better, and we’d love to have your feedback!