Verified answers and MS Teams integration

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

What's new 🎉

Verified Answers: You can now create “source-of-truth” documents right in Dashworks. Each time you add a new verified answer to Dashworks, it becomes the highest priority information source for all questions related to that topic, guaranteeing a correct response every time. Check out the video below for details on how to use verified answers.

MS Teams Integration: With the Microsoft Teams integration, Dash AI can now search through your DMs and shared channels for information and context. As a reminder, Dash AI is permissions aware, which means that it will only be able to search through channels that a user is already able to access.

Improvements 🛠️

  1. Code Generation: Dash AI now generates code with syntax highlighting based on the language.
  2. References: You can now see all the references used by Dash AI to produce an answer. (It previously only showed the first five references.)
  3. Personalized App Recommendations in: Dash AI now personalizes app recommendations when a user first signs in. You can also see your team’s most-used apps here.