May 2024

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Shared by Prasad • June 06, 2024

🤖 Bots

Bots let you create and customize what Dashworks searches and how it behaves for different use cases. They are handy if you want Dashworks to search specific apps and resources instead of doing a broad search.

For instance, you can create:

  • Onboarding Bot that searches HR policies and onboarding documentation.
  • Copywriter Bot that drafts blog posts based on your brand voice and tone.
  • CRM Bot that searches Salesforce and HubSpot to help users learn about customers and deals.
  • RFP Bot that searches past RFP documents to complete RFP/RFI questionnaires.

Bots require configuring a Bot Account in the workspace. Once a Bot Account has been set up, use a bot by simply tagging it with "@BotName ..." in Dash AI's input box.

🧠 New integrations

The following tools are now available to connect in the App Store.

  • Guru: search cards, collections, folders, and templates.
  • Front: search conversations.
  • Help Scout: search articles and conversations.
  • Lucidchart: search documents and Lucidspark boards.
  • Zoho CRM: search leads, accounts, contacts, deals, and events.
  • Zoho Projects: search tasks and projects.
  • GitLab Self-Managed: you can now connect a self-managed GitLab instance in addition to the cloud version.

⚒️ Improvements

  • We’ve simplified the sidebar to make it easier to navigate past topics, connect different knowledge sources, and manage settings.

April 2024

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Shared by Prasad • April 26, 2024

🧩 New Connectors

We’ve added support for some of our most requested integrations with Miro, Pipedrive, DocuSign (beta), and Google Calendar (beta):

  • Miro: searches boards by title or content
  • Pipedrive: searches deals, persons, organizations, products, leads, and files
  • DocuSign (beta): searches envelopes by email subject, email address, username, or email body
  • Google Calendar (beta): searches events by title
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🧠 Choose your LLM

For the past year, GPT-4-Turbo has been our best-performing AI model. Over the last month, three new AI models have achieved comparable performance: Anthropic's Claude Opus, Meta's Llama 3, and Google's Gemini Pro 1.5.

We're excited to begin supporting these models, starting in "AI only" mode. They each bring unique capabilities to unlock new use cases. Claude Opus writes more natural-sounding content, while Gemini Pro can understand large contexts with its questions, up to 10x longer than the default GPT-4 model.

We aim to provide secure access to the best-in-class models customized to your team's needs, and this is a step in that direction. We will soon extend this support to Apps and Web mode, as well as our Slackbot.

If you're interested in opting-in for early access or have questions, please let us know by replying to this email.

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⚒️ Improvements

  • Specify apps to search in individual Slack channels from the Bots tab
  • Allow multiple domains to sign in to your workspace from the Security tab (admin only)
  • Latency improvements for Notion integration
  • Miscellaneous stability improvements

March 2024

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Shared by Prasad • April 04, 2024

We're excited to share some new updates that have been shipped to Dashworks in March. Here's a rundown of what's new:

📚 View all Topics

You asked, and we delivered. This feature allows you to quickly revisit any of your past topics from the sidebar to review, ask follow-up questions, or share them.

🔍 Explore more results

We've added an 'Explore More' option along with Dash AI's references, which displays a comprehensive list of search results related to your question. This can be useful for a deeper dive look at other relevant docs and sources that were not cited in the final answer.

✨ Improvements

  • Coda Integration: We've added support for a Coda integration that lets you search docs by their title. You can connect it as a personal integration from the App Store.
  • Larger File Size Uploads: File size limit for uploads to 200 MB, allowing you to upload more substantial documents.
  • Stop Generation: Added a 'Stop Generation' button in the input text box to give you more control over content creation and rewriting.
  • You can now also delete or un-share past topics.

February 2024

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🌐 Search Websites

Dashworks can now search public websites alongside your connected apps. You can use it to search inside your help center, changelog, developer docs, and more. Get started with connecting websites from the App Store.

🎉 New Integrations

  • Slab: Connect Dashworks with Slab to search through all your posts and topics. Admins can set up the Slab integration as an Organization-Wide connection from the App Store.
  • ServiceNow: Search ServiceNow knowledge articles with a personal Dashworks connection.
  • Simpplr: Search your intranet sites and content through a personal Dashworks connection.
  • File Uploads: You can now directly upload files in various formats. Files can be uploaded by Admins and are viewable Org-wide.

✨ Product Enhancements

  • Bot Visibility: We've enhanced the visibility of bot accounts across teams for improved transparency and control. This enables admins to better monitor bot usage in their Slack channels and provide custom instructions for each bot.
  • Feature Request Button: Your feedback is vital to us. We've added a new feature request button in the side menu to simplify the process of sharing your thoughts and suggestions. This improvement will help us continue to refine Dashworks in ways that are most valuable to you.

January 2024

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🧱 Multiple connections for apps

You can now link multiple accounts for the same app from the App Store. This gives Dashworks the ability to search all your accounts at once. Here are some example use cases where connecting multiple accounts can be used:

🔁 Org Instructions

You can now customize Dash AI's behavior and responses using natural language instructions across all platforms - the web app, Slack DMs, and Slack channels. For instance, you can instruct Dash AI to prioritize answers from certain data sources, disregard specific types of files, or suggest contacting a person or team when it can't find an answer. For more examples and tips on adding instructions, click here. Admins can add Org Instructions from the AI Controls tab.

Bot instructions are now also generally available, allowing you to customize instructions in each Slack channel where the Slackbot is added. You can add channel-specific instructions for Dash AI from the Bots tab in the channels where you've added the Slackbot.

🧑‍💻 Bitbucket integration

Dashworks now connects with Bitbucket to streamline code searches. Use it to understand your codebase, get answers to your technical questions, resolve bugs and on-call issues, and more. Bitbucket is available as a personal integration from the App Store.

Directory Integration

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

👥 Directory Integration

Dash AI can now answer questions about co-workers and organizational structure from your team directory. Our directory integration initially supports Workday, Gusto, Rippling, Paylocity, BambooHR, and DarwinBox.

These integrations can be setup by Admins and are available as “Organizational” connections. The integration syncs the name, email, title, department, location, and manager's name of active employees, and searches are limited to these fields. You can learn more about how to connect your HRIS here.

❓Stack Overflow for Teams

Dashworks now connects with StackOverflow for Teams. Use it to search questions and articles in your space, and quickly find answers to technical questions, code snippets, best practices, and solutions to common issues.

Stack Overflow for Teams is available as an Organizational and Individual connection in the App Store.

AI only mode

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🔮 AI only mode

Dash AI now offers a fast response feature for open-ended or brainstorming-style questions with an "AI only" mode. In this mode, Dash AI uses an LLM to respond without searching your connected apps or the web. This feature is useful for creative tasks such as improving copy, brainstorming ideas, or debugging SQL queries.

You can access it as a third option in the homepage input dropdown and the filters on Dash AI page, alongside Apps search and Web search. This lets you consolidate your AI usage for work in one place and bring it your new tab with the browser extension. You can also save and share your favorite prompts for AI only mode as Workflows.

🔁 Improvements

  • You can now set any email address as the Service Account for the Slackbot, not just “”. Learn more here.
  • We’ve released a new Query Guide on different types of questions you can ask Dash AI and how to best phrase them.
  • The Slackbot auto-reply is now less noisy. It no longer responds to messages in the channel that aren't questions or issues, questions directed to another team member in the channel, or questions for which it doesn't know the response confidently.
  • We’ve improved stability of several integrations, notably Notion. Please visit the App Store to review and reconnect any broken connections. Integration stability is paramount for us and we’re taking additional measures to improve this in the coming weeks.

Slackbot Autoreply

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🤖 What is the Dashworks Slackbot?

As your company grows, so do the number of Slack channels for employees to ask questions, such as #sales-questions, #technical-support, and #ask-it. They can receive hundreds of questions per day, overwhelming the channel managers. Employees may wait hours or even days for help while managers answer repetitive questions.

We find that by automatically responding to questions asked in Slack, the Dashworks Slackbot can cut the time spent by channel managers by up to 73%, allowing them to focus on more important issues, while unblocking the rest of the team with instant responses.

✨ Slackbot Autoreply

The new Slackbot simplifies its setup and usage with significant upgrades across the board:

  1. Auto-reply: The Slackbot can now identify if a new thread message is a question and respond accordingly. There's no need to tag it with @Dashworks or use forms with workflows.
  2. Permissioning: We've streamlined permissions across Slack interactions. All responses in Slack channels use the permissions of the service account Learn more about the setup and permissioning in this help article.
  3. Training Dash AI: You can now train Dash AI directly from Slack. The training is more intuitive; you can provide natural language feedback and upvote or downvote specific references.
  4. Workflows to resolve questions: Users can mark questions as resolved to add an ✅ emoji on the message, making it easier for channel managers to scan the channel for pending questions that need support.
  5. Admin analytics: Admins can view detailed Slackbot analytics including the response acceptance rates and other insights from the Analytics tab.
Slack autoreply in action

🚀 Getting started

  1. Start by creating a service account for Grant this account access to the apps and content the Slackbot will search when answering questions. You can learn more about this setup in this help article or schedule a setup call for a guided walkthrough.
  2. Next, invite the Slackbot to a channel using the command "/invite @Dashworks".

That's it! Going forward, the Slackbot will automatically answer questions asked in the channel.

Creative Mode & Shared Topics

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🎨 Creative Mode

With creative mode, Dash AI can now provide more imaginative responses to open-ended, creative questions based on your company’s knowledge. For example, you could ask "Write a catchy subject line for an email announcing <feature>" and Dash AI will suggest creative headlines based on information in your product docs and tickets.

To use creative mode, simply ask any free-form, blue sky type of question. Dash AI will automatically detect that it's a creative query and generate a unique response. Creative mode is great for drafting marketing copy, brainstorming content ideas, and bringing an extra spark of creativity to your work.

For inspiration, we used this prompt to draft this email (which is saved as a workflow): “write a product update email about the newly released creative mode and shareable topics for dash ai. don't refer to customers as users, refer to them in the first person. make the language accessible to non-technical users. provide instructions on how to use both features and example use cases.”

🔗 Shared Topics

You can now easily share Dash AI conversation topics with your coworkers. This allows you to collaborate with team members by sharing question-answer threads related to specific projects or tasks.

To share a topic, click the link button at the top of any topic in Dash AI. You'll be able to copy a unique link to that topic and share it with others in your organization. When they access the link, they'll be able to see the full question-answer history in that topic.

Shareable topics are perfect for gathering team feedback, keeping stakeholders in the loop, and distributing knowledge throughout your company.

AI Reference Summary

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🚀 What's new

  1. AI Reference Summary: When you hover over a reference cited by Dash AI, you will now see an AI summary of the reference’s contents. This helps you quickly verify if the reference is accurate and get additional context for your question.
  2. Intercom Help Center Integration: You can now ask Dash AI to retrieve relevant help articles and tickets from Intercom. This is useful for customer success and support teams, enabling them to quickly find answers to customer questions, find past resolutions to similar tickets, and learn more about their products. If you already have Intercom connected to Dash AI, you’ll need to reconnect it from the app store for the updates to take effect.
  3. Trello Integration (Integration #22): Dash AI now supports retrieving cards and boards from Trello, helping further streamline your project management.

🔁 Improvements

  • Ask Follow Up Questions: Dash AI is now much better at holding longer conversations and responding to follow up questions to its previous messages. Here are some ways you can use it to improve its responses:
    - Change tone: “make this less formal and shorter”
    - Expand: “expand on bullet points 2 and 3”
    - Explain: “clarify what the second line means”