AI Reference Summary

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🚀 What's new

  1. AI Reference Summary: When you hover over a reference cited by Dash AI, you will now see an AI summary of the reference’s contents. This helps you quickly verify if the reference is accurate and get additional context for your question.
  2. Intercom Help Center Integration: You can now ask Dash AI to retrieve relevant help articles and tickets from Intercom. This is useful for customer success and support teams, enabling them to quickly find answers to customer questions, find past resolutions to similar tickets, and learn more about their products. If you already have Intercom connected to Dash AI, you’ll need to reconnect it from the app store for the updates to take effect.
  3. Trello Integration (Integration #22): Dash AI now supports retrieving cards and boards from Trello, helping further streamline your project management.

🔁 Improvements

  • Ask Follow Up Questions: Dash AI is now much better at holding longer conversations and responding to follow up questions to its previous messages. Here are some ways you can use it to improve its responses:
    - Change tone: “make this less formal and shorter”
    - Expand: “expand on bullet points 2 and 3”
    - Explain: “clarify what the second line means”