Creative Mode & Shared Topics

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🎨 Creative Mode

With creative mode, Dash AI can now provide more imaginative responses to open-ended, creative questions based on your company’s knowledge. For example, you could ask "Write a catchy subject line for an email announcing <feature>" and Dash AI will suggest creative headlines based on information in your product docs and tickets.

To use creative mode, simply ask any free-form, blue sky type of question. Dash AI will automatically detect that it's a creative query and generate a unique response. Creative mode is great for drafting marketing copy, brainstorming content ideas, and bringing an extra spark of creativity to your work.

For inspiration, we used this prompt to draft this email (which is saved as a workflow): “write a product update email about the newly released creative mode and shareable topics for dash ai. don't refer to customers as users, refer to them in the first person. make the language accessible to non-technical users. provide instructions on how to use both features and example use cases.”

🔗 Shared Topics

You can now easily share Dash AI conversation topics with your coworkers. This allows you to collaborate with team members by sharing question-answer threads related to specific projects or tasks.

To share a topic, click the link button at the top of any topic in Dash AI. You'll be able to copy a unique link to that topic and share it with others in your organization. When they access the link, they'll be able to see the full question-answer history in that topic.

Shareable topics are perfect for gathering team feedback, keeping stakeholders in the loop, and distributing knowledge throughout your company.