February 2024

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🌐 Search Websites

Dashworks can now search public websites alongside your connected apps. You can use it to search inside your help center, changelog, developer docs, and more. Get started with connecting websites from the App Store.

🎉 New Integrations

  • Slab: Connect Dashworks with Slab to search through all your posts and topics. Admins can set up the Slab integration as an Organization-Wide connection from the App Store.
  • ServiceNow: Search ServiceNow knowledge articles with a personal Dashworks connection.
  • Simpplr: Search your intranet sites and content through a personal Dashworks connection.
  • File Uploads: You can now directly upload files in various formats. Files can be uploaded by Admins and are viewable Org-wide.

✨ Product Enhancements

  • Bot Visibility: We've enhanced the visibility of bot accounts across teams for improved transparency and control. This enables admins to better monitor bot usage in their Slack channels and provide custom instructions for each bot.
  • Feature Request Button: Your feedback is vital to us. We've added a new feature request button in the side menu to simplify the process of sharing your thoughts and suggestions. This improvement will help us continue to refine Dashworks in ways that are most valuable to you.