Hubspot Integration and Reference Previews

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

What's new 🎉

  • HubSpot Integration: We've added a personal integration with HubSpot, allowing Dash AI to search across various objects including contacts, companies, deals, calls, products, emails, meetings, and notes. Our team has been using it to prep for customer meetings, write follow-up emails, and summarize the status of a deal. Click here to connect Hubspot to your Dash AI instance.
  • Reference Previews: Now, when you hover over a reference, you'll see relevant metadata such as the author and modified time. In the next iteration, you'll also see snippets from inside the reference content that are relevant to the question and answer. This will help you quickly verify the accuracy of a response.
  • Fallback Responses: If Dash AI can't find the answer to your question, it will now provide actionable suggestions. These may include recommendations for apps to connect or suggestions on how to add or rephrase information in your question for better understanding.
  • Improvements: We’ve improved prioritization of Verified Answers, increased Dash AI’s ability to understand user intent, and made app filters easier to use.