Sharepoint & Salesforce Knowledge Integrations

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Shared by Prasad • March 23, 2024

🎉 What's new

  • Microsoft SharePoint Integration: With Dash AI's SharePoint integration, you can now access all the data stored within your company's intranet. The integration allows you to search sites, files, folders, and documents.
  • Salesforce Knowledge Integration: You can now ask Dash AI to retrieve relevant Knowledge Articles stored in Salesforce. This is particularly useful for sales and success teams, enabling them to quickly find FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and other relevant articles.

🎨 Improvements

  • Answers as Source of Truth: We have enhanced the prioritization of Answers. This means that when a new Verified Answer is added to Dashworks, it becomes the highest priority information source for all questions related to that topic, ensuring a correct response every time.
  • Responses to Ambiguous Queries: We have improved how Dash AI handles ambiguous questions. Now, Dash AI will suggest making your questions more specific to enhance the accuracy of results.