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Dispatch Connect: A Delivery Management Platform

Shared by Allison • October 02, 2023

Automated route creation and route optimization

  • The platform will automatically distribute all deliveries to active vehicles with the click of a button.
  • Further optimize those routes with another click of a button.

Customize vehicle & driver assignments

  • Ensure the right driver is assigned to the correct vehicle for the day.
  • Assign specific deliveries to a particular vehicle.

Customize your map view

  • Select your Route Style to view your deliveries with a straight line view or see the exact route your driver will take.
  • Use the Filter to choose which vehicle routes you would like to see.

Reports help you track delivery costs

  • Enter variable costs like driver pay, gas price, vehicle maintenance cost, and more to fully understand the cost of each order.
  • Additional reports help you understand delivery logistics like mileage by day, route times, route lengths, and deliveries by vehicle to help you better manage and forecast your route planning and costs.

Send overflow orders to Marketplace

  • Down a vehicle or driver for the day but still have deliveries to make? Easily send overflow orders to Dispatch Marketplace and our team of professional independent contractor drivers will quickly deliver your orders. You and your customers will be provided with proof of delivery with a required photo and optional signature.

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