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How APIs Can Transform Your Business

Shared by Allison • May 15, 2024

Imagine delivering more packages, expanding your reach, and simplifying operations. APIs make it possible. It’s a powerful solution for businesses looking to scale and thrive.

An API will:

  • Provide high operational efficiency
  • Support scalability in your business
  • Offer standardized service across all locations
  • Centralize billing and invoicing

How Dispatch Integrates With Your Business

Option 1 Direct API Integration: Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, delivered to your engineering teams

Option 2 Pre-built Connectors: Connect instantly with leading ERPs like Oracle, SAP, EPICOR, Salesforce, and many more

Option 3 Low-Code/No-Code Customization: Build fully customized integrations without extensive coding

Once integrated, you can use the API to:

  • Create an estimate
  • Create an order
  • Automatically send updates to your system
  • Maintain standards of data integrity

Don't settle for a blind spot. Dispatch brings clarity and control to your delivery game. Ready to get started?


Make Your Customer's Experience Seamless with Equipment & Handling Services

Shared by Allison • March 18, 2024

Hi there,

Your customer's delivery experience can leave a lasting impression, so it’s essential to make sure the process is smooth and efficient. Equipment & handling service add-ons help by ensuring your items arrive effortlessly, making the entire delivery a breeze!

Dispatch offers the following Add-Ons. The available ones will appear as options when you place your order.

Vehicle Features

Dedicated Vehicle: Know your items will fit by reserving the entire vehicle.


Liftgate: Easier to load/unload heavy items from the vehicle.

Pallet Jack: Allows for easy movement of heavy pallets.

Ladder Rack: Makes it safer to load/unload ladders and frees space inside the vehicle.

Ramp: Allows heavy items to be easily loaded into the vehicle or cover short flights of stairs, eliminating the need to lift items.

Dolly: Helps one person easily move heavy items.

Roof Rack: Increases vehicle storage by allowing long items to be carried on the roof.

Pipe Rack: Helps transport long material like pipe tubing and bar stock.

Driver Skills

Pallet & Packaging Disposal: Hassle-free removal of unwanted pallets or packaging material related to the delivery.

Extra Handling Inside Delivery: Have items placed just inside the door.

Extra Handling Room of Choice: Have items placed exactly where you need them.

Extra Handling Paperwork: Obtain and track signatures on paperwork with photos.

Construction Site PPE: Equipment worn to prevent serious workplace injuries. Includes items like a hard hat, vest, and closed-toed shoes.

Product update

Newest Time-Saving Features in Marketplace

Shared by Allison • November 16, 2023

Hi there,

We’ve made some exciting updates to the Marketplace Orders page so you can easily plan your day by having the most helpful and up-to-date information at your fingertips!

  • The orders page will automatically refresh to ensure you’re seeing the most up-to-date delivery details.
  • You’ll see both the pickup and drop-off addresses so you don’t have to spend extra time clicking into an order to find the address information.
  • Once your driver is en route, you’ll see their ETA appear so you can be prepared for their arrival.
  • In case your driver is delayed, a clock with extra details will appear so you’ll know exactly when to expect them.
  • A shortcut menu next to each order gives you quick access to Repeat, Schedule a Return Trip, or Cancel an order.
  • The order form page is now tablet and mobile-friendly! So if you're on the far side of the warehouse, it'll be quick and easy to see the status of all your orders.


Dispatch Custom Pricing Saves You More 💲

Shared by Allison • November 06, 2023

Want to receive discounts on all your orders? Sign up for a Custom Pricing package and enjoy discounts on every order. Custom pricing makes the delivery process a breeze with centralized billing and allows you to connect to our API, making order creation even easier.


Improved Service Through Driver Assignment

Shared by Allison • November 02, 2023

🚗 Dispatch is constantly making behind-the-scenes improvements to ensure you receive the best possible service. As part of this effort, we’re changing the way drivers are assigned to orders. Historically, the closest driver would be assigned as soon as the order was placed. Now, we’re taking a few extra minutes to group similar orders together before assigning a driver. Doing this optimizes each driver’s route by reducing miles driven so they can deliver your order faster and helps lower emissions by improving fuel efficiency.

If you have multiple orders that need to be picked up from your location, we’ll group them together so you only need to meet and communicate with one driver instead of multiple drivers. This saves you time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

🕝 If you don’t have a few extra minutes to spare, try the Dedicated Vehicle Add-On or use the Hotshot service. Dedicated Vehicle and Hotshot orders are not bundled and a driver is assigned immediately.


Dispatch Connect: A Delivery Management Platform

Shared by Allison • October 02, 2023

Automated route creation and route optimization

  • The platform will automatically distribute all deliveries to active vehicles with the click of a button.
  • Further optimize those routes with another click of a button.

Customize vehicle & driver assignments

  • Ensure the right driver is assigned to the correct vehicle for the day.
  • Assign specific deliveries to a particular vehicle.

Customize your map view

  • Select your Route Style to view your deliveries with a straight line view or see the exact route your driver will take.
  • Use the Filter to choose which vehicle routes you would like to see.

Reports help you track delivery costs

  • Enter variable costs like driver pay, gas price, vehicle maintenance cost, and more to fully understand the cost of each order.
  • Additional reports help you understand delivery logistics like mileage by day, route times, route lengths, and deliveries by vehicle to help you better manage and forecast your route planning and costs.

Send overflow orders to Marketplace

  • Down a vehicle or driver for the day but still have deliveries to make? Easily send overflow orders to Dispatch Marketplace and our team of professional independent contractor drivers will quickly deliver your orders. You and your customers will be provided with proof of delivery with a required photo and optional signature.

Ready to integrate Connect into your business operations? Complete the form and our Sales Team will get you started!

Free trial available!

Feature update

Stay Informed with Enhanced Notifications

Shared by Allison • July 20, 2023

Hi there,

We’re happy to share that we’ve made some updates to our notifications system. These changes ensure you stay updated at every step, making it easier for you to keep your customers informed.

Order Confirmed email

Receive an "Order Confirmed" email immediately after submitting your order, assuring you that we've received it.

Driver is approaching the Pickup/Drop-Off

Receive a notification when the driver is approaching the pickup or drop-off location, keeping you informed about your order's progress so you can plan accordingly.

Include more recipients on the "Out for Delivery" email

We’ve added a “Notify Me Before Arrival” feature so you and your customers can choose to opt-in and receive the "Out For Delivery" email, guaranteeing everyone stays informed.

Searching for Driver sent 30 minutes prior to scheduled pickup

In the rare event that we’re still searching for a driver 30 minutes before the scheduled pickup, we’ll promptly send a notification, providing sufficient time to make any necessary adjustments to the order.

Place an order today and we’ll make sure you stay informed throughout the delivery process.

New product

Pallet & Packaging Disposal

Shared by Allison • June 22, 2023

We are excited to announce a convenient new service: Pallet & Packaging Disposal. When you select this service during order placement, our drivers will remove any unwanted pallets you may be storing or packaging material directly related to the delivered items. You no longer have to worry about disposing of these materials or dealing with the clutter!

Please note that while our drivers will happily remove packaging and pallets, they are unable to dispose of job site garbage unrelated to the delivered items.

Experience a clutter-free delivery. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted delivery partner!

New product

We’ve expanded our Extra Handling services!

Shared by Allison • June 14, 2023

We understand that your needs may go beyond doorstep delivery, that’s why we’re delighted to introduce our new Extra Handling services. Experience the benefits of the original Extra Handling: Inside Delivery service, while enjoying the expanded perks of these new services, saving you valuable time and effort.

Extra Handling: Room of Choice*

  • Saves time & effort as items will be placed exactly where you need them.
  • Safer than moving delivered items by yourself across long distances or on stairs.
  • Reduces the risk of damage occurring since items won’t need to be moved post-delivery.

Add specific directions for the driver in the Drop-Off notes.

Extra Handling: Paperwork

  • Tracks paperwork related to items being delivered.
  • Save time by obtaining signatures on paperwork at the drop-off location. You can request proof of signature with a photo.
  • Save time by obtaining signatures on paperwork at each stop on a multi-stop order. You can request proof of signature with a photo or have it returned by the driver by listing your office as the final stop.

Add specific directions for the driver in the Pickup or Drop-Off notes.

Experience the convenience and time-saving advantages of the expanded Extra Handling services. Learn more by visiting our Dispatch Knowledge Center.

*Use of an elevator or 1 stairwell is allowed with coordination ahead of time and may incur additional fees. Pets or obstructions must be removed before delivery for a timely and safe drop-off. The customer must provide the designated room in the order’s drop-off notes. For Multi-Stop orders, instructions for each drop should be clearly indicated.

New product

Scale Your Business with the Dispatch Workato Integration

Shared by Allison • June 06, 2023

The Dispatch Workato Integration is a software tool that integrates your system with Dispatch so you can easily scale your business to meet growing customer demand without added effort.

The Dispatch Workato Integration can support your business by:

  • Auto pulling your latest data for one-click order creation, reducing manual errors.
  • Updating to meet your organization's changing needs.
  • Scaling to quickly handle your growing business.
  • Remaining user friendly so it doesn’t require a Programmer.
  • Costing less than a fully customized integration.

Don’t let manual processes hold your business back. Contact us today to learn how the Dispatch Workato Integration can help to take your organization to the next level.

Visit our Integrations webpage or download this PDF to learn more about API solutions.

You can also learn more by reading our blog: Future-Proofing Your Business: Leveraging API Integrations for Growth.