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Shared by Richard • February 15, 2023

Hi there,

I've been hyper-interested in solving a problem I've seen in the marketplace for years now. Every business Enrollsy works with needs a website. Every business we work with needs back-office software to help automate and streamline enrollment, payments, roster creation, and more. The problem is, much of the information on your website also needs to be in your back-office software and vice versa.


I'm happy to announce that you can now design and build a website on a custom domain (either one you already own or one you purchase through us).

Our website builder is already awesome, but it's going to get even better over time. Here are a few reasons we think you'll love it:

  1. It's affordable and easy to use. At just $30/mo you'll get world-class hosting including an SSL certificate, a beautiful, custom, responsive website, analytics, and more ($50/mo if you don't have an Enrollsy subscription).
  2. It's responsive. This means your website will be optimized for devices of all sizes out of the gate.
  3. It's got serious SEO power. You don't need to know a lot about search engine optimization to leverage the powerful features inside EnrollsySites.
  4. It works with Enrollsy. Not all website builders (Wix, some themes in WordPress, etc.) support Enrollsy's embed code. All websites made with EnrollsySites do!
  5. Powerful new features are coming soon. We are working right now on making all your data within Enrollsy available in our website builder. This will allow you to quickly and easily build multi-location websites by creating simple templates that get pre-populated and built out using data from Enrollsy. Or, you will be able to quickly and easily populate sections of your site with information you have already added to Enrollsy: things like Locations, Enrollment Periods, Programs, Classes, Instructors, and more.
  6. You don't start paying for the website until you publish it. This means you can do all your designing and tinkering without the pressure of paying for it.

If you would like to add an EnrollsySite to your subscription, please schedule some time with me here and I will help you get up and running in under 30 mintues.