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Announcing Room Transfers

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Shared by Tyler • December 13, 2022

Hi there,

I've just released a new default Activity called Room Transfers. We don't anticipate this being a feature everyone will need or want, but here's a quick summary of why we released it and some background on the changes we've made leading up to this release.

Click here for the help article about how to use Room Transfers.

About Activities in Enrollsy

Activities are events you wish to keep a history of. They could be photos, notes, present/absent, or anything else.

Activities are stored in what's called an Activity Timeline. Activities may be posted by Admins, Instructors, or Account Holders. They can be viewed by Admins, and rules can be set to determine whether or not Instructors or Account Holders can view them or not. Learn more here.

Enrollsy currently has three Activity Timelines:

  1. Enrollee Timeline
  2. Class Timeline
  3. Instructor Timeline

Enrollee Activities are the most commonly used and supported at this time.

Class Activities (beyond the Enter/Exit Class button in the Instructor App) have been limited to being posted by Admin users, with the most common one being the Enter/Exit Activity, which we will discuss more below.

Instructor Activities are also currently only postable by the Admin (outside of the kiosk Check-in/out for Instructors).

We anticipate more functionality for Class and Instructor timelines in the future.

Prior to this release, Enrollee Activities have not been specific to Class. We realize that some users were okay with this; however, for our product to work for the current scenarios we support, we had to make a change.

As of early December, Enrollsy requires Activities to be posted to an Enrollee's Timeline within the context of a Class. We know this was disruptive for some, but it set the table for this important feature of Room Transfers.

What is a Room Transfer?

Every Class inside Enrollsy has the ability to keep track of two things:

  1. The number of Enrollees enrolled in the Class
  2. The number of Instructors assigned to the Class

With these two numbers, we are able to determine what in early childhood education and childcare (an industry in which Enrollsy has significant presence), is called a room ratio. Room ratios are often regulated at the state level and require educators and service providers to meet certain standards regarding the number of adults present in a room compared to the number of children.

When an Instructor arrives and Enters a Class, the ratio is 1:0. When the first Enrollee is checked-in, the ratio is updated to 1:1. And so on until all the Instructors and Enrollees are present. The ratio may end up being 2:16 or something like that.

When an Instructor is going to miss work, that absence impacts room ratios. To adjust, many times Enrollees from one Class are transferred to another to balance ratios. This is called a Room Transfer. Essentially, these Enrollees are transferred out of the care of one or more Instructors, and into the care of another or other Instructor(s).

This transfer is significant because the safety of the Enrollee may depend on the accuracy of the information, and also, the meeting of state requirements for room ratios is related.

Now, without having to toggle back and forth between Classes, Instructors are able to see Enrollees who have been transferred to their Class and continue to post Activities on their Timelines. Click here to read a detailed outline of how Room Transfers work.