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Feature update

Change the supplier on a Purchase Order

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Shared by Cathy • November 16, 2023

Hi there,

In alignment with changing a customer's name on a Sales Order, you can also change a Supplier's name on a Purchase Order (PO).

If you inadvertently create a PO under a wrong company, you can change the Supplier's name once the PO has been submitted.

To change the Supplier's name, open the submitted PO > Options > Change supplier.

Changing the Supplier on a PO will remove all contact and address details and set the PO back to draft status. All product and pricing information will remain. And the PO will be deleted and recreated under the new Supplier name in your accounting package (if you're integrated with one).

We'd love to hear your thoughts after using this new functionality, so please don't hesitate to submit your feedback below or email