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Feature update

Improved Home Page + Navigation

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Shared by Cathy • December 15, 2023

Hi there

We're excited to announce that we're updating the Home page and navigation experience in Factory.

The changes are designed to provide you with a more meaningful landing page when you login, as well as improve the end-user navigation experience.

All your favourite pages are still available:

  • Your Dashboard will be your new homepage, including new buttons to directly create new Sales and Purchase orders from this page without needing to open a customer or supplier's profile.
  • A new Products menu at the top of the page will include your Product Catalogue and Materials for Sales and Purchase Orders
  • The Customers page will now be located under Sales
  • The Global Search tool will now be available from within most page's top navigation bar.

These changes will come into effect next week; we just wanted to give you the heads up that this change is coming.

If you have any enhancement requests or questions (especially if they relate to the Dashboard page!), feel free to reach us via Messenger.