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Partial invoicing is here

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Shared by Cathy • February 06, 2024

Hi there,

You now have the functionality to apply a partial payment to an Invoice in three easy ways.

From within a Submitted Sales Order you can generate an invoice based on:

  1. Specific line items
  2. A specific dollar amount
  3. A percentage of total order value

By opening a Submitted Order, selecting Options > Partial Invoice > you can select how you want to generate a partial invoice, and then select Options to Print or Email the invoice. When Print or Email is selected the invoiced amount will generate the required invoice in your accounting package if enabled.

The Invoice status now also includes Partially invoiced when a partial invoice has been generated, and by running your cursor over the Invoiced status a popup will display the Invoiced amount and the Remaining amount on the order to be invoiced.

You can find more information about how partial invoicing works here.

We'd love to hear your thoughts after using this new functionality, so please don't hesitate to submit your feedback below or email