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New feature

Manager permissions 🚀

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Shared by Alexis • November 09, 2022

Hi there! We’ve released a new, much awaited role in our user permissions: Managers!

With our new manager role, managers can access the market positioning of their direct and indirect reports.

They can also view market compensation data in real time if you give them the right to do so.

For more on the manager role in Figures, click here.

New feature
Compensation Planning

The Budget Calculator Beta is here!

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Shared by Alexis • October 18, 2022

Hey there! It's that time of year again: the endless discussions with the CFO, making sure we've got the budget right for the upcoming salary reviews, we are all too familiar with that.

Oh, and of course, this year inflation is getting in the way!

To make sure you're fully prepared, we've been working on a little tool (in beta for now) to help you define your salary increase budget, so you end up taking fairer and data-driven decisions, and advise your business leaders at your best!

Is this ringing in your ears? If it does, sign up for the beta here.👇