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Thin-to-thick traces

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Shared by Will • February 09, 2024

Quilter's design agent can now route thin-to-thick traces to support designs with fine-pitch ICs.

Quilter's "constraints manager" allows users to identify minimum amperage or trace width requirements for sensitive nets and pins so that Quilter's design agent can route those paths using beefier traces.

What happens, though, when the need for a beefy trace meets a delicate, finely-pitched connector or IC?

Previously, the answer was that Quilter failed to route your design to 100%, leaving you to finish the job it should have completed on its own.

Starting today, the new answer is: success!

As of today, Quilter's design agent can now selectively route "thin-to-thick" traces just like a human designer would, enabling it to complete layout jobs more consistently while obeying all user-defined design rules and constraints.