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A brand new Quilter app

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Shared by Will • February 10, 2024

We've entirely rebuilt Quilter's web app to improve our job creation, submission, and review workflow.

We've entirely rebuilt Quilter's web app with a focus on "reliability" – our ability to consistently set and deliver on our users' expectations for the job they submitted.

1/ Proactively resolve job configuration issues

In the new app, we've significantly improved the clarity and rigor of our submission workflow to:

  • Surface clearer and more actionable upload errors for input files
  • Visually preview your board file before submission to better identify board or component-level parsing issues
  • Check for common job configuration issues so they can be resolved prior to submission
    (ex: "You've uploaded a fully routed board – there's nothing for us to do.")

2/ Set clearer expectations for your job

In the new app, we've created a much more clearly defined "happy path" that provides tips and information along the way to ensure you get our best results for each job you submit.

The app will also do a better job of keeping you informed as its capabilities improve, so it's always clear over time which jobs you can trust Quilter to tackle.

3/ Provide better transparency into jobs and candidates

Because Quilter jobs currently take tens of minutes to hours to produce its first successful candidate, we've invested significantly in improving clarity and transparency into the status of Quilter jobs and design candidates.

In the new app, you'll see significant changes to:

  • Layout jobs summary
    On the new job summary page, you'll get much more granular visibility into the status of each job you've submitted – its runtime, and the number of total and successful candidates that each job has produced.
  • Layout job details
    Every job details includes a clear summary of its current status as well as all the input configurations that you set when you submitted the job, making it easy to tweak and re-run design jobs.
  • Candidate details
    We've rebuild the candidate viewer to ensure that we're more effectively focusing your attention on the best candidates, and created new global candidate filters to help you quickly narrow your solution space with custom requirements.