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New in-app notifications and even better control over Talents and activities!

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Shared by Anna • February 20, 2023

Hey 👋

The latest update included tons of valuable changes and optimizations!

Some of them included permissions - there is a new permission for managing Talents. The administrators are now able to:

  • manage all Talent groups (even if they are private),
  • change private Talents to public ones,
  • share them with other users.

Along with the permission change, sharing Talents has also been optimized. For public Talents, sharing them means giving other users ownership over them. For private Talents, there are three access levels available when sharing them - giving the users the following options:

  • read only
  • read and assign
  • owner (allowing to share and edit)

But there are more new permissions!

Now users can have permission to edit and delete notes and activities created by other users. Only the creator of the note or the activity could do it so far. All Administrators permission have this option now and can allow that also to users in other permission groups:

What more?

The transitions of the candidate between the stages are now more consistent. No matter in which view the transition is performed - the user will always see the previous and the following stages he can choose from. We have removed the Restore button to clarify what will happen with the candidate if he is moved back to the process from the Rejection, Hired, or Pending list stage!

We have optimized the notifications view. Now, our users can easily manage the read and unread notifications (divided into separate tabs). Not all notifications are transferred automatically to the summary! The informational ones (like when the data export has started) are visible to the user until he closes them.

Responsible people in a job are now divided into Users and Hiring Managers, making the list more clear:

Restrictions tab was removed from the permission groups configuration. All the options visible in it were distributed to other tabs, where they belong 😉

Last but not least, there was a small CRM module change. The contact person status is now an irremovable field, and it was changed from a checkbox to a choice field.