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Selecting default workflow, saving drafts of notes, "Jobs" filter optimized, and more!

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Shared by Anna • July 11, 2023

We have been working at full steam recently to deliver many cool optimizations. And here they are!

What's on the list?

You can now choose your default workflow - this will be selected on the workflows list when creating a new job. The default workflow will be tagged on the list of workflows in your settings for you to easily find it:

What else?

Now, when the system is reloaded, all the notes you create:

  • on the candidate profile,
  • on the stage preview,
  • when browsing a particular candidate profile in the job

are saved as drafts so that you won't lose any of your work 😉

We have also optimized the Jobs filter on the candidates' list. We have split it into two filters to give you more options for filtering candidates. The set of separate filters: Jobs and Stages allows you now to search for candidates in multiple scenarios, like candidates:

  • assigned or not assigned to specific jobs (including open and closed jobs),
  • who recently are (or have ever reached) a certain stage in a job
  • moved to a certain stage in a defined time range by selected users,
  • who are assigned to jobs for a specific client (if you are using the CRM module)
  • who are now on a specific stage and were moved to it by a selected user last week,
  • ... and more!

In order to avoid problems with generating previews of candidate's documents in PDF we have implemented a new PDF viewer. If, by any chance, the previous PDF viewer worked more smoothly with your browser - you can go to your user settings and switch back to it:

Last but not least!

We already have ideas for new features connected to benchmarking, AI, and data monitoring, that will enrich the new reporting module. You can register your interest now in New reports (BETA) --> What's coming to get early access as soon as they are released!

Have a great day ☀️