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Mentioning Hiring Managers improved, along with Linkedin job-posting enriched

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Shared by Anna • November 15, 2022

Hey, there👋

We are excited to announce some more improvements in your TRAFFIT, just like we've promised in the previous News 😉

Sometimes you want to mention your Hiring Manager in the candidate's quick preview in a job. Still, you have to remember to assign this Hiring Manager to the job for him to be able to enter the candidate's profile where he was mentioned.

Not anymore! 😊

Now, when you mention the Hiring Manager in a note, your TRAFFIT will check if he is assigned to the job you are previewing. If not, it will ask you if you want to do it to allow him to visit the commented candidate's profile:

Due to some changes in Linkedin Jobs, we have enriched the job posting on this portal. We have removed the existing "remote" default value and enriched the job posting with a new field, allowing you to choose one of the following values:

  • on-site
  • hybrid
  • remote

That's a massive step for the clarity of your job's details on Linkedin 💪

Did we mention enabling huntoo for all plans? Yes, that's a huge change! Previously available only for Elite plans, now huntoo referral platform is available for users in all plans!

We decided to squeeze in also some fixes with this update!

If you noticed that some .DOC files from your TRAFFIT were downloaded in .PDF format, we can confirm this issue is already fixed! In addition, we've also resolved the problem of downloading the file from TRAFFIT when it was opened in a separate tab in your browser.