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Application sources unification and in-app notifications improvements

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Shared by Anna • December 16, 2022

Hey 👋

The latest update of your TRAFFIT significantly improved your recruitment data analysis! How?

The team has made changes that merge the identical sources of candidates' applications. What does it mean exactly? So far, some application sources have been saved in the ATS as a full link. This way, the exact source of the application was presented on the lists and in the reports as a slightly different link. Now, when merged, the efficiency analysis of particular application sources is much easier 🙂

Any examples?

Let's say you post your jobs on social media, like Facebook. Applications from these job postings had multiple different sources, for example:


Now, all these will be merged and will be visible in the system with "" as an application source:

We used this update also to implement some changes in the in-app notifications.

We have removed the "Snooze" button that was visible on the notifications. Instead of that, the informational notifications (like the one about the export process being started) remain open until you use the "x" button to close them.

Others, like the one informing about the finished export, will hide automatically (or you can hide them manually). They will be stored in the Notifications summary as unread - in case you want to get back to it and download the exported XLS file later.

The counter on the Notifications summary will allow you to stay up-to-date with all the unread notifications!

Moreover, Hiring Managers can now download and print the documents attached to the candidates' profiles you have shared with them. On the other hand, the user who doesn't have permission to download the candidate's files will now not be able to print it or open the document in a new tab.

Some fixes were also released with this update.

We have fixed the content of the e-mails that were not always displaying correctly in the Gmail mobile app.

We have also removed the duplicated notification when the candidate re-applied. Now, when a candidate applies again, you will not receive two notifications (about new application + about reapplication), but just one 😉