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Define the default settings for all of your demos!

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Shared by Maya • March 21, 2024

Hi Friend,

Calling all Admins!

Now, you can define the default settings for all of the company’s demos to reduce human error and make sure your team adheres to the company standards.

This means that for demo gate, Admins can determine:

1. Whether the demo gate is on or off.

2. If non-work domains (@gmail, @yahoo, and @outlook) can access the demo.

3. If there’s a welcome message.

4. What the colors are.

5. What the preview settings are.

Admins can also create an allowed or blocked list to define who has access to the company’s demos.

FYI: Changes in the company settings will only apply to newly created demos. In addition, when a user creates a demo, they should see the pre-set values that the Admin defined.

To learn more, read the article.