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Manage seat requests from within the Walnut app🪑

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Shared by Maya • March 27, 2024

Hi Friend,

Calling all Admins!

Now, you can manage seat requests from within the app.

You can also learn more about the current state of your account and overages.

What’s included?

Manage requests:

  • There is now a “Requested” option under the “Status” filter that lets you see everyone that requested a seat.
  • Account Owners can always approve or reject a request.
  • Admins can only approve or reject a request if the account doesn’t have an overage.
  • Admins and Account Owners can download the list of requesters as a CSV file.

Status filter:

  • “Pending” has been renamed as “Invited”.
  • By default, you should see “Approved” and “Invited” selected.
  • You can choose to see all statuses by selecting all options.

Request a seat emails:

  • You have the option to be reminded by email to view seat requests in Walnut.

To learn more, check out this Walnut demo.