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Platform Improvements [March 2024]

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Shared by Dmitrii • April 03, 2024

We're going to get into a rhythm more where we also tell you more about smaller updates and quality-of-life improvements for our Platform. Find out about cached subscription count, automatic rate limits and smaller user interface tweaks below.

Product prices per country / currency

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Shared by Joshua • April 03, 2024

Selling products to multiple countries and currencies? You can now define multiple international prices per product. And you only have to use one single Firmhouse environment.

When creating or editing products, you can now add a price for each country that you’ve enabled in your project.

Returns: A whole new way of tracking returns and enabling partial cancellations

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Shared by Michiel • April 03, 2024

We’re introducing a big thing: Returns. With our new returns feature we introduce the concept of return orders. Return orders are created automatically when you or your customer initiate full cancellations or returns for individual products.

Upon completing a return order, the products in the return will automatically be removed from active billing. Or, if the return order consisted of only the remainder of the products, a subscription is automatically cancelled.

Return orders in Firmhouse work out-of-the box and provide you with all the basic functionality to handle returns for your business. But if you’d like to hook up your existing return solution you can use our new webhooks events and our API to do so.

Partial returns via Self Service Center

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Shared by Veronika • April 03, 2024

Your customers can now pick which products in their subscription they want to cancel and return. And they can keep being subscribed the remaining ones on the same subscription. Previously cancelling a subscription meant that the whole subscription was cancelled. But no more!

This opens up the opportunity to introduce swapping logic, by cancelling one product, and then adding another one. Or to cancel and return short-term rentals but keep renting long-term products. All from one subscription.

Pausing and resuming subscriptions from SSC

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Shared by Marciano • April 03, 2024

Is your customer already stocked up on your products? Are they going on a vacation? Prevent waste and reduce churn.

We’ve made it possible for your customer to pause (and resume) their subscription via their Self Service Center. This feature is available for smart order-based projects and it can be enabled via the Self Service Center settings in the portal.

New Developer Docs

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Shared by Michiel • January 16, 2024

We have launched a new version of our developer website at In terms of functionality, the new website features an updated navigation hierarchy and better search. In addition we’ve created a place for publishing tutorial-style guides.

Extra Fields with a Purpose

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Shared by Michiel • January 16, 2024

Sometimes you store important information in an Extra Field that you want to push to other systems or that has a specific meaning in a 3rd party integration.

To make external systems aware of the purpose of a value stored in an extra field, we’ve added an extra attribute called Purpose. With the Purpose of an Extra Field you can let external integrations know how they should use the value in the field.

For now, the Purpose field is only vailable when you have the Intrum integration enabled. This way you can push an imported phone number to Intrum case files.

API updates for managing assets

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Shared by Michiel • January 16, 2024

You can now create, update, assign and un assign assets via the Firmhouse API. This allows you to create your own dashboards or integrate your own storefront or ERP systems with the assets you have on Firmhouse.

How merchants are using these new APIs:

  • Reserve a specific asset on or right after Checkout automatically based on a trigger from a webhook.
  • Set a custom field with a purchase price on an Asset based on its refurbished quality so you can sell an asset for its unique discounted price.
  • From a custom inventory reservation system update an Asset’s status, condition, and next available date.
  • Integrate your warehouse system to automatically unassign an asset as active from a Subscription when it’s been returned in healthy condition to your stock.

Head over to our new Developer Docs to view these new and updated GraphQL mutation calls:

  • assignAsset
  • unassignAsset
  • createAsset
  • updateAsset

Identity document verification via Veriff

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Shared by Michiel • January 16, 2024

We’ve added Veriff as an integration for providing identity document verification when signing up to your products. This way you can let your customers verify their identity before activating their subscription and before sending out your (high value) products.

At the time of writing, Veriff supports fully automatic AI-powered as well as human-assisted services for various types of identity documents (eg: passport, driver’s license, identification cards). They also offer additional KYC checks such as PEP and sanctions screening.

Your customers will be able to use their desktop/laptop and mobile phone to easily take a picture of their identity document to submit them for verification after checking out your subscription.

In Firmhouse, the Veriff app ties into our already supported identity verification and acceptance check flows. After signing up for Veriff, you can add the appropriate API connection credentials to your Firmhouse project and add an acceptance check for the Checkout.

Better handling of one time products in order-based projects

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Shared by Michiel • November 17, 2023

One time products will now be handled much better in smart order-based projects.

From now on any product that is set to a ship once frequency will be marked as owned as soon as the order for it is generated. Previously we kept these products shown as active in Firmhouse Portal and Firmhouse Self Service Center which is could lead to confusion for your customer.

In addition, this fixes an issue that Shopify sometimes returned the wrong shipping costs for a recurring order, because it was still treating previous ship once products as active.