What’s New at Rivo?

Rivo Unleashed: Q1 Updates

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Shared by Ana • April 26, 2024

We are beyond excited to unveil the newest launches in Rivo that have been rolled out in Q1 this year! These additions are crafted to elevate your customers' loyalty program journey, delivering more value and benefits.

New checkout extensions

Empower customers with options to enhance their shopping experience.

  • Enable easy friend referrals post-purchase to expand your brand's reach organically
  • Allow members to apply their redeemed rewards before paying, making it convenient to enjoy discounts during checkout.

More features for referral campaigns

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously as a strategic approach to test different incentives or reach out to different customer segments.

Also, encourage advocates to sign up for marketing initiatives when they enroll in your referral program.

Integration updates

We added new events to our Klaviyo integration for more personalized communication with your customers.

  • Rivo Celebrate Birthday
  • Rivo Friend Claim
  • Rivo Invite Friend

Reward enhancements

Set a minimum purchase requirement for free shipping rewards to explore additional products or reach a certain spending threshold.

Customer management

Say hello to our new CSV file feature to easily manage tier updates for multiple customers.

Happy exploring and enjoy the enhanced Loyalty experience!

New feature

Recharge integration

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Shared by Ana • January 03, 2024

Enjoy automated synchronization of all your rewards directly to the Recharge platform.

With Rivo streamlining the process, experience hassle-free management of all your discounts, elevating your subscription journey!

New feature

VIP tier tagging

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Shared by Ana • December 06, 2023

Now, you can effortlessly categorize customers in Shopify based on their tiers!

As your members progress through the VIP program, Rivo will automatically tag their profile with the corresponding tier name.

  • Craft customer segments based on tiers
  • Use tags to create workflows that respond to various customer attributes, behaviors, and preferences
  • Leverage the tagging feature to access customer data across different Shopify apps

New feature

Spend incremental points at checkout

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Shared by Ana • November 29, 2023

Enhance the overall shopping experience with our latest checkout extension!

Stores that offer an incremental amount discount can now support points redemption at checkout, encouraging members to seamlessly apply their accumulated points towards their purchases.

  1. Assign a value to your points and let customers choose how much they want to redeem
  2. Customize your extension with our advanced settings
  3. Set your checkout extension live and boost your store's revenue.


Change the account's preferred email

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Shared by Ana • November 29, 2023

We have added a new option to provide greater flexibility in managing test emails and CSV export files for your account!

Previously limited to the store email, you can now direct these communications to a specific email address, streamlining your testing process and ensuring that crucial data reaches the right hands.

New feature

Exclude customers via Shopify

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Shared by Ana • November 13, 2023

Have a complete and easy control of your Loyalty program participants with a new option to exclude customers.

Using the tag Rivo Excluded, you can prevent customers from earning and spending points.

  • Add the tag on a specific customer's details page or tag customers in bulk
  • Create customer segments filtering profiles sharing the same tag
  • Automate the addition/removal of the customer tag through Shopify Flow

New feature

Rivo events in Klaviyo

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Shared by Ana • November 06, 2023

Introducing Rivo events for tracking Loyalty activity and sending program emails through Klaviyo.

  • Create flows triggered by actions completed within the program: Points earned, reward redeemed, and more!
  • Send your Loyalty & Referrals program emails from one platform for better brand consistency
  • Communicate with both guests and members subscribed to your newsletter
  • Analyze how the event data evolves over time.

With this new addition, you can supercharge your marketing communication, leveraging the email tools and capabilities of Klaviyo.

New feature

Rivo discount combinations and stacking

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Shared by Ana • October 18, 2023

Now your customers can enjoy more significant savings on their purchases by stacking rewards from the Loyalty program with other discounts!

Set your preferred combination of discounts and let customers enjoy multiple promotions in a single order.

  • Discount Combinations replaces manual discount management
  • Applies to rewards from the Points, Referrals, and VIP programs
  • Supports compatibility between discounts created by Rivo and other apps

MESA integration

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Shared by Ana • October 13, 2023

Achieve new levels of efficiency and engagement by integrating Rivo with MESA. Together, they can supercharge your workflows and automate personalized program experiences.

  • Upgrade your customers' tier based on their behavior
  • Send personalized discount offers
  • Notify customers about their points and rewards
  • And more!

Explore the list of Rivo Triggers and Actions designed to elevate your brand.


Novel Integration

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Shared by Ana • October 12, 2023

Enhance your customer experience with a single tap! Create a wallet pass that seamlessly integrates with Rivo, making it easy for customers to interact with your Loyalty program.

  • See Loyalty points available to spend
  • Earn points for installing the pass and referring friends
  • Receive notifications with your latest promotions
  • Easily redeem in-store rewards through a QR
  • Find promotions and access your store through quick links.