Feature update

Sign Up Field Creation API Endpoint

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Shared by Sonia β€’ May 14, 2024

This update makes updating sign up fields via API or token-based SSO more efficient than ever. You can now call the Skilljar API once to update ALL sign up fields for a student, significantly reducing the number of API calls being made.

Improvements & Fixes
Feature update

Our Latest Improvements & Fixes

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Shared by Sonia β€’ April 17, 2024

At Skilljar we believe innovation never stops. Below is a round-up since March of the feature releases and improvements we've made to make Skilljar better for you!

πŸ” Go Behind the Dashboard with Skilljar: Skilljar is always working behind the scenes to ensure your Academy is best-in-class. Check out our latest SCORM analytics enhancement, Group API update, and more. Little things can go a long way to improve your experience.

βž• New Salesforce Integration Settings: There are two new options on the Salesforce Integration page within the Skilljar dashboard! The first allows users to control what happens with a Linked Contact when there’s no match in Salesforce, and the second is the ability to enable or disable High Volume APIs, which could reduce API calls to Salesforce by more than 50%.

βž• Group Level Discount: Admins now have the ability to set specific percent discounts for different groups for all purchasable objects, enhancing flexibility and customization in pricing strategies. This also allows for both group discounts and promo codes, applying them sequentially for additional savings.

βž• Content Creation and Group Level Discount API Endpoints: Skilljar has made it possible to create courses and content without the need to log into the dashboard. For users utilizing Skilljar's API or 3rd-Party Content Management Systems, you'll be able to:

  • Create and structure Courses, Lessons, and Lesson Content Items via API
  • Assign Web Packages, Videos, and Quizzes to a Lesson via API

We've also introduced an API endpoint for managing group-level discounts, enabling automation and scalability in discount management.

Stay tuned for more updates on feature releases and improvements to our platform. If you ever spot a bug or improvement needed feel free to email support@skilljar.com .

Improvements & Fixes

Our Latest Improvements & Fixes

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Shared by Sonia β€’ February 29, 2024

At Skilljar we believe it’s the little things that count. Below is a round-up from January and February of the everyday improvements and fixes we’re making to keep our platform running smoothly for you!

πŸ› Search Optimization: We've resolved an issue where lesson sections were mistakenly included in catalog searches. Now, you'll find your searches yield more relevant results, as lesson sections are no longer indexed.

πŸ› Analytics Accuracy: Fixed a glitch affecting Course Completion metrics for filtered groups on our Analytics Overview page. Metrics now update correctly for groups, ensuring accurate reporting.

βž• SCORM Analytics Enhancement: We now have a Date filter on SCORM Analytics to streamline your data review! By default, this page now filters to show the last 30 days, improving loading times for large datasets. All-time data is still available for those needing a broader view.

βž• Scale Group Management with an Update to the Group API: When managing your Skilljar groups using our Group APIs, you can now associate your group categories with your Skilljar groups. Learn more about group categories here.

Stay tuned next month for more updates on improvements & fixes. If you ever spot a bug or improvement needed feel free to email support@skilljar.com .

Analytics & Reporting
Feature update

Customize Your View: Introducing New Custom Enrollment Reports πŸ“Š

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Shared by Sonia β€’ February 23, 2024

This update is all about improving how you can see and interpret your enrollment data. Here are some of the exciting new improvements you can expect:

  • Enrollment reports now include learning path data
  • Filter rows by date type (registration, completion or certification expiration dates, completion or due status, latest activity etc.)
  • Filter by content (domain, course, path, label, course titles)
  • Filter by your learner groups
  • Choose which columns to hide or show
  • Save and reuse your preferred report views

Ready to explore these new features today? πŸ‘‡


Watch the Skilljar Product Showcase!

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Shared by Sonia β€’ February 06, 2024

Skilljar has been busy innovating new features to elevate your impact. We’re excited to share them with you in our 2024 Product Showcase! πŸ‘ πŸŽ‰

During this 25-minute recording, you’ll see:

βœ“ Demos of 4 new features

βœ“ An exclusive preview of our 2024 roadmap.

βœ“ How Skilljar plans to shape the future of Customer Education.

Watch Co-Founder, Jason Stewart, and Director of Product, Reena Kawal, unveil it all now. ✨

New feature

Skilljar AI is here: instantly generate course descriptions, learning objectives, and quizzes ✨

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Shared by Sonia β€’ January 31, 2024

Get to a first draft faster with our new AI features! Here's where you can find them.

On the course details page:

  • Generate Short Descriptions: Skilljar suggests a compelling course description using your course and lesson content.
  • Automatic Learning Objectives: Get a list of learning objectives to include in your long description.

When adding a quiz to a lesson:

  • Instantly Generate Quizzes: Generate a set of five to ten quiz questions using your course and lesson content.
New feature

Automate learner groups and enrollments with Skilljar Actions ⚑

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Shared by Sonia β€’ January 12, 2024

We've supercharged our Course Actions to do more than automate emails and certificates in Skilljar!
Three NEW actions, called Skilljar Actions, are now available that allow you to automatically:

  • Add a learner to a group
  • Remove a learner from a group
  • Enroll a learner in any course

When combined, these actions can help you set up new workflows such as unlocking advanced courses for learners only after they complete onboarding.

New product

Introducing Content Syndication πŸš€ Extend the reach of your content by embedding Skilljar-hosted courses into another LMS πŸ”

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Shared by Sonia β€’ January 05, 2024

Content Syndication allows you to create and host a course in Skilljar, and easily syndicate access to that course directly in any LMS your customers use, such as Cornerstone, Seismic Learning or Litmos.

In just a few clicks you can now share your courses directly in your customers' LMS, not just in your Academy.

This will help you:

  • Expand your market: Sell courses directly in the LMSs where learners already are.
  • Maintain control over course content: Course updates automatically sync across all syndicated LMSs.
  • See analytics for syndicated courses: See in-depth course analytics for syndicated courses in Skilljar; your customers can also access it in their LMS.


New API features for content management tools

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Shared by Sonia β€’ December 13, 2023

Our new API functionality enables content management tools to easily build integrations with Skilljar with POST, GET, and LIST endpoints available. Now, AI-powered content management tools can push SCORM content directly into Skilljar using our public API.

Feature update

Ensure integrity for every quiz attempt with ProctorFree

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Shared by Sonia β€’ December 01, 2023

Our updated ProctorFree integration now supports continuous proctoring across all quiz attempts in Skilljar. When a learner retakes a Skilljar quiz with our ProctorFree integration, the session will be proctored even after a previous proctoring session has ended. This enhancement ensures every retake is monitored, maintaining integrity and fairness for each learner’s quiz experience.