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Feature update

Change the supplier on a Purchase Order

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Shared by Cathy • November 16, 2023

Hi there,

In alignment with changing a customer's name on a Sales Order, you can also change a Supplier's name on a Purchase Order (PO).

If you inadvertently create a PO under a wrong company, you can change the Supplier's name once the PO has been submitted.

To change the Supplier's name, open the submitted PO > Options > Change supplier.

Changing the Supplier on a PO will remove all contact and address details and set the PO back to draft status. All product and pricing information will remain. And the PO will be deleted and recreated under the new Supplier name in your accounting package (if you're integrated with one).

We'd love to hear your thoughts after using this new functionality, so please don't hesitate to submit your feedback below or email

New feature

Collaboration has never been easier; automatically share Product-related attachments on new Orders

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Shared by Cathy • November 15, 2023

Hi there,

Expanding upon our recent addition of Collaborate on products, customers and suppliers, you can now seamlessly share important attachments on Sales and Purchase Orders.

By simply enabling the 'auto-attach' option via the kebab/other options menu next to an attachment in a product, customer or supplier's Collaborate tab, files can be automatically attached to newly created Sales or Purchase Orders.

Utilising auto-attachments minimises time spent manually attaching common files to orders, such as work instructions or product images, and ensures your team never miss important information.

For further information review online resources or contact us at


We've changed the way you can add products to a Purchase Order

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Shared by Cathy • November 07, 2023

Hi there,

Functionality has been extended to allow you to add ANY product from your Product Catalogue to a PO, even if that product isn't linked to a specific supplier.

When adding a product to a PO, products supplied by the Supplier will be displayed at the top of the Add product to purchase order window under the new Supplied Products category, with all other products (not assigned to the Supplier) listed below in their standard categories.

Use search, or expand categories, to select a product.

The Pricing table of the selected product will display prices for assigned and Preferred Suppliers (indicated with a green tick). If adding a product that isn't assigned to the Supplier, an additional 'Price' column will display a $0 value that can be used to add the product to the PO, then edited once on the order.

We'd love to hear your thoughts after using this new functionality, so please don't hesitate to submit your feedback below or email

New feature

Collaborate further ...

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Shared by Cathy • November 07, 2023

Hi there,

Back by popular demand, the Collaborate tab has been extended from Sales and Purchase Orders to Product pages, and Customer and Supplier profiles.

Add notes, images and documents to products, such as technical drawings or work instructions.

And capture important information about customers and suppliers, such as key conversations that have taken place with accounts.

We'd love to hear your thoughts after using this new functionality, so please don't hesitate to submit your feedback below or email

New feature

A faster way to add products to orders!

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Shared by Paul • October 24, 2023

Hi there,

We've implemented an additional, faster way to add products to your Sales and Purchase orders.

Within each order's page, you'll notice a new search field where your product and pricing information is typically displayed.

By typing into this new search field you can now search for products and add them directly to your order without needing to launch your Product Catalogue.

The search will even encompass all information from each product's pricing table, meaning you can search by product name, code, attribute, or anything else you wish!

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts after using this new search experience, so please don't hesitate to reach out with your feedback.

Product update

Minor tweaks and changes!

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Shared by Paul • October 06, 2023

Hi there,

We've made a few minor updates to the platform this week:

  • Adjusted how phone numbers are formatted and displayed on PDFs and emails.
  • Optimised the 'Tracking' tab on Sales Orders to provide some general performance improvements
  • Fixed an issue that caused some invoices to display in Xero with the previous day's date.

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to the team if you have any questions at

Capture Digital Signatures for orders

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Shared by Cathy • September 27, 2023

Hi there,

You can now capture digital signatures from your customers, right within Factory.

Within each order's Collaborate tab, you will find a new Signature option in the bottom toolbar.

Clicking that option will allow you to enter your customer's name and have them sign for their order on your PC or tablet device. (Perfect when delivering goods to site, or capturing that a customer has picked up their goods from your location.)

The signature is then saved permanently on the order's Collaborate tab, with a corresponding entry on that order's Timeline tab.

To learn more and see Digital Signatures in action, click here.

Introducing Line Item Statuses

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Shared by Paul • September 21, 2023

Hi there,

For teams looking to track their orders more granularly, our new Line Item Status feature is just what you've been waiting for.

Accessed via the new Tracking tab when viewing a submitted Sales Order, Line Item Statuses will allow you to go one level deeper with your job tracking by enabling you to configure and assign custom statuses for each line item.

Choose from existing statuses created via Workflow, or create entirely new statuses specifically for tracking individual line items.

Note: Workflow will continue to work as it currently does today, with statuses created specifically for line items not displaying as columns on Workflow.

This functionality is the first step towards our upcoming time-tracking feature, which will allow your team to clock on/off from specific jobs and line items in order to track hours worked and time to completion for products and jobs as a whole.

New feature

Introducing Global Search

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Shared by Paul • September 13, 2023

Hi there👋 ,

In conjunction with our Dashboard beta release, we're also releasing the beta version of our new Global Search functionality.

With the new Global Search feature, you can search for anything, anywhere, across all of Factory.

The new Global Search function will provide you with a single search experience across all of Factory encompassing customers, suppliers, orders, products and more.

Find historical orders, or kick off new Sales or Purchases, all from within the same experience.

For now, the Global Search capability is confined to the new Dashboard page while we gather user feedback. In the coming days, we'll move the Global Search to all pages within Factory (with a few exceptions).

Product update

We're now using Intercom!

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Shared by Factory support • September 13, 2023

Hi there 👋

As a part of our ongoing efforts to better support you and your team, we're now using Intercom within Factory (the little blue icon in the bottom right of the screen).

Intercom acts as your support and news hub within Factory, which you can use to:

  • Reach out directly to our team with questions and requests
  • Access our new Help Center which we'll be continually adding to
  • Find the latest news and info related to Factory and any recent feature releases
  • Find historical conversations that you've had with our team

Intercom will allow us to more effectively manage your support queries and provide better and more meaningful response times moving forward.

While you can absolutely still email us directly, Intercom will gradually become our preferred method of communication.

As always, we'd love for you to play around with the new functionality and provide feedback. We're in the early stages of our Intercom journey and any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!